Digital Libraries: From Keepers to Communicators

Digital Libraries

Discovering the new connections between Research & Researcher “True Accessibility” is still spotted as a major hurdle for coherent approach to Scientific Literature around the globe. Overcoming the problem of Accessibility, Digital Libraries (DLs) were introduced in mid-nineties as Global Virtual Repositories of research data having information in computer readable format.

Surprisingly the availability of digital format of data in DLs has risen to an unexpected height especially in developed countries like US, UK, Europe, Canada etc while connecting “Producers to Consumers and Users to content” as Brand. S puts it,

The Right Information in the Right Place Just Changes Your Life

No Doubt, the new paradigm has changed the way of working and explored new possibilities for today’s researcher to Seek, Retrieve, Discover and Access scholarly material. This changing content discovery landscape has dramatically increased the importance and use of electronic resources to access and obtain scholarly articles with a concomitant increase in reading.

In today’s arena the scholarly communication industry is producing a great deal of writing and thinking on many aspects of academic research. There are over 10 million researchers around the world, drawing on a combined international R&D spend of over US $ 1000 billion and reading and publishing in more than 25,000 scientific journals per year.

These researchers and research communities of 21st century are playing vital role in reshaping the landscape of science and innovation i.e. shifting slowly towards Asian Countries especially in terms of R&D expenditure and total Production. Moving ahead to USA, Europe and Japan, the “Rise of China” along with investment and scientific production has outstripped the general trends of research growth around the globe. Within the recent years, despite of such striking revolution of Asian Countries*, Dissemination, Visibility, Accessibility, Readership, Citation and Indexing of research content is a biggest problem that has not been solved yet.

Understanding the future research paradigm and importance of past published scholarly literature Asian Digital Library (ADL) has come up as a platform of “True Accessibility” with an unrestricted access to quality content of peer reviewed literature, books and millions of full text articles to fulfill the dire need of Asian Scientific Community.

“Not only a Unique Searching Tool ADL is also providing
Innovative, Future Oriented Digital Solutions
To address the Challenges and Problems faced by
Today’s Research Community of Asia”

We can say that Asian Digital Library is a rising hope of Asia to “a proactive accessibility and visibility, focused on “outside-in and inside-out”, leading to the real & concrete contribution of researchers, authors, publishers, librarians and research administrators in the broader supply chain of Scholarly Communications Ecosystem.

Asian Countries*: China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand


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