Connecting Regional Research to Global Researcher

Growing with the world of fast-changing technology, Asian Digital Library (ADL) has come up as “Global Technological Preserver of Traditional Libraries. Understanding the wider variation of end users including researcher, author, librarian, faculty, publisher, and other stakeholders, ADL is supporting formal and informal learning of high technology users and academia of World Wide Web (www).

Fulfilling the mission of ADL “to develop a largest multidisciplinary searchable database of premium content for the researcher community of Asia” A group of talented experts from different regions is selected as the Advisory Board Members of ADL. These Board Members are responsible to ensure an unrestricted access to high quality content that ultimately serve the needs of researchers at all levels.

Putting their-selves in the shoe of student, author, researcher, librarian, research administrator and publishers, Advisory Board Members of ADL has designed an indicative list of key features of Asian Digital Library that is inclusive of but not limited to:

  1. Globalization of the Regional Scientific Publications
  2. Unrestricted Access to versatile and multidisciplinary up to date scientific literature
  3. Quickest and easiest approach to over a millions of record to identify your piece of interest
  4. Value the availability of primary information instead of merely surrogates
  5. Easy to use interface and powerful search functionality including basic and advanced search options
  6. Provide Access/Link to full-text articles (PDF, XML, DHTML, HTML)
  7. Filter and index scholarly content for maximum find-ability
  8. Engage academic users, societies, physicians, publishers to potential information

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